Weekend Away in New Zealand

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Saturday was the big day. I had to go to my interview in Ohakune which is about a 5 hour drive south of Auckland. I was thinking about doing the round trip in a day with a rental car. Since it was a good opportunity to go and see the country side Clemens and Wenx, two very friendly Germans from the Auckland hostel, joined along with me and turned this into some sort of road trip for the weekend.

First, We went to Ohakune for my interview and it went great. (I should know by Friday if I get the job)…. Job or not we decided to drive up the mountain and go see the ”closed” ski resort. As you can see in the pictures it was already snowing. YAY! After a few pictures we drove back down to the Ohakune village to have dinner. As the sun was going to sleep we drove back up to Taupo, a lovely little city by the lac where we spent the night at the Youth Hostel.

The next morning we woke up and headed north to Wai-O-Tapu Geothermal Wonderland. It’s a sort of volcanic area that reminded me Iceland a lot. They had the Geyser, Mud Bath, boiling water that smelled like rotten eggs etc etc….. It was actually quite nice, but if you ask me it was too expensive (NZD $30).

We had to continue north on our way to Auckland, but we wanted to stop by some beach on the way. Wenx kind of randomly picked Waihi Beach and it was beautiful indeed. We arrived just in time to see the sunset where we had some fun with the camera. As the day was soon finishing it was already time to go back to Auckland.

It was a fun 2 days and I certainly had some fun 🙂

Enjoy the pictures.