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So since Kenneth and Brynner are in town we rented a car …. and the last one they had was a big old Lincoln Town car. If this car is lacking seriously in style it sure is comfortable. 🙂

After being stuck at the us border for 3 and a half hours we finally made it on the the other side. Seattle is a beautiful city, very clean and a lot less homless than Vancouver. We arrived Friday night so we just took the evening to walk around and go eat at a local ”trendy” restaurant. Good food and nice crowd.(for some reason that restaurant was serving poutine) Anyways Saturday morning we went back to the fish market, maybe you can see in the picture, this is where they toss the fish from the front to the desk. This is also where they have the first starbucks….. After walking around the fish market we headed off to the Seattle Art Museum, nothing extraordinary to see there so walked all the way back to the space needle. After walking around Seattle we were already back on our way back to Vancouver where we stopped at the Outlet mail. Unfortunately no good deals for me.

Enjoy the pictures 🙂