Okanagan Valley

Posted by on Jul 1, 2008 in Vancouver - west | One Comment

For the long canada day weekend Bernard, Eric, Young Mi and I decided to take a little 3 day road trip to Okanagan valley. Little did I know, Canada has a small desert. Well it’s not really a desert but it really looks like one. It was 40 degree Celsius the whole time with very little clouds. So anyways, we started our little trip in Osoyoos, a beautiful little city just at the border of Canada and USA. We decided to camp around there for the 2 nights in a little ranch in the mountains. As you can see in the pictures it was a beautiful setting.

-Saturday we left early in the morning and got stuck 3 hours in Vancouver because of a major accident on the highway. We finally got to Osoyoos around 5 o’clock. We found that ranch and set up our tents there.

-Sunday we drove around to visit the many wineries around the area because apparently it is the ”wine capital” of Canada. Even tho I don’t like wine, it was very interesting. We came back to osoyoos to walk around the beach, but it is quite an ugly beach to be honest. It reminded me of those cheap beach in New england on the American east-cost…. At night we went to the play land to have a little Go Kart race.

-Monday we drove all the way up to Kelowna stopping at various places and of course a BEAUTIFUL winery on top of a hill. We had pizza by the water and then had a little walk on the beach front of Kelowna(sorry I had forgotten my camera so no pictures there). After visiting Kelowna we headed back to Vancouver.

Enjoy the pictures.
PS happy Canada day everyone