Last Trip In Raglan

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So I left Whakapapa on Monday morning and Clemens, Wenx and I took a road trip to small surfing town called Raglan. It was great to escape the snow and see the sun and the beach. I guess it was a little warm-up, literally, for my Asia Trip coming up soon.

So bye bye New-Zealand and thank you for all the great memories 🙂

here are probably my last pictures from NZ


The Crater (Again)

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Clemens was in in Whakapapa for 2 days of snowboarding. I only had Tuesday off, but it was the best day we had in a while. The last two weeks has been rain, snow and wind at the same time. Finally the storm has passed and as you can see it was a beautiful day.

So we ended up going to the Crater as you can see. At might very well be my last time skiing since I will have to work like crazy for the next 2 weeks as it is the school holiday here in New-Zealand.

Way to Whakapapa (Vidéo)

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Voici un petit vidĂ©o très amusant qui a Ă©tĂ© fait par un gars qui travail sur les ”lifts”. Il essaye de se promener un peu partout sur la montagne pour filmĂ© tout les dĂ©partements. Je ne suis malheureusement pas dans le vidĂ©o car j’avais congĂ© quand il est venu dans mon dĂ©partements, mais ça reprĂ©sente bien la montagne et les gens qui y travail. 🙂

Panoramic Pictures of New-Zealand

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Here are some Panoramic pictures of mostly Auckland, Mount Eden and Mount Ruapehu in the north island. Thanks to Andi and Emma for some of the pictures.


Awesome Weekend In Whakapapa

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Hello hello

I know it has been a long time since I posted anything here, but here I am with an update. Internet is kind of expensive here in New Zealand so I spend a lot less time in front of my computer (I guess it’s a good thing to take a little break once in a while).

Anyways my friends Laurent, Wenx, Clemens and Lis were in Whakapapa for 3 days so we had plenty of fun. Basically they arrived Friday night so they got to snowboard Saturday. The weather wasn’t to bad, but Sunday, on my day off, it was just horrible so we didn’t enjoy the mountain as much. We just all went to the hot pools in Torangi. Monday, however, the sun was shining and the mountain was clear. Wenx and Lis were out of the game already. They weren’t snowboard so it was Clemens Laurent and me. Also my co-worker Alex joined in on the fun.

Laurent, Alex and I decided to hike up the mountain to the volcano’s crater which is a very nice little lake. Basically you take the far west T-Bar and hike up for about an hour and a half. Once you get on top you see this beautiful lake and as you can see the view is amazing. It was a bit icy so the ride down wasn’t very nice, but we still enjoyed the challenge.
Thank you Laurent from the camera and the pictures. Enjoy


Mes premières impressions de Whakapapa

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Je suis bel et bien arrivé à ma nouvelle résidence. Je commence juste le 21 juin alors j’ai quelques jours à relaxé ici. Mes premières impressions son moins bonnes que mes premières impressions au Japon, mais ce n’est pas si mal non plus.

La résidence est pas mal mais il reste que c’est un peu rudimentaire, genre que rien a changé depuis les années 80. Les chambres son bien et chaudes (très important) mais le reste est vraiment ordinaire avec une café et une salle de télé. Le petit village de Whakapapa (où j’habite) n’a pas grand-chose non plus il y a un genre de Château/hôtel, un centre d’information, un pub et un café. Les gens qui semblent travailler ici sont des Australiens et des Kiwis(Néo-Zélandais) en majorité. Il y a un couple de Polonais, un Américain et une Brésilienne. Il reste encore beaucoup de monde à arriver mais j’ai l’impression que ça ne va pas beaucoup changer. Je ne crois pas voir beaucoup d’Asiatiques ici. Je ne pratiquerai malheureusement pas mon Japonais cet hiver semble-t-il. Les Australiens et les Kiwis se tiennent ensemble et aiment boire de la bière, beaucoup beaucoup de bière…. Ils ne sont pas très accueillant non plus, on verra bien avec le temps! Dison que le contraste avec les gens de la Nouvelle-Zélande et du Japon est immense.

Sinon les choses se passent bien et les environs sont superbes. J’ai hâte de commencer à travailler, tout le monde me dit que c’est vraiment cool…….Ici, il ne fait pas trop froid non plus mais il y a beaucoup de vent car il n’y a pas d’arbres à cette altitude. La ville la plus proche est à 30 minutes de voitures si je veux un supermarché et un resto. Il y a un village à 15 minutes mais il n’y à pas grand-chose là, à part une station service et quelques magasins de location de skis.

Bon en gros c’est ça

Internet est chère ici mais je vais quand même pouvoir y accéder un peu.

Around Taranaki

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A few pictures around the Taranaki mountain located on the west coast.  I had my camera on 1600 ISO the whole day so you will notice my pictures are a bit grainy, sorry

Waitomo caves

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So the day started with an amazing rainbow and after it was time for the Famous Waitomo caves. I also went to the GlowWorm caves, but you are not allowed to take pictures. So here is what I have

Mount Ruapehu

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So I stopped by where I will be working this winter just to check it out.  It was a beautiful day and I think it made awesome pictures.  This is from the Whakapapa side of the mountain.

Palmerston North

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Here is Palmerston North a city about one hour north of Wellington, not much to see in the city, but they have this amazing wind farm. Even if the weather wasn’t so nice, it was a great experience. I always wanted to see this so I finally got to see it. YAY!  Btw those things make so much noise it’s crazy.

here are some pictures

Napier down to Wellington

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Lovely ride down to Wellington from Napier.

Rotorua to Taupo

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Here you can see The geothermal power project and some other volcanic stuff 🙂

Around Rotorua

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Rotorua  is known for it’s volcanic activity.  Call me a bit blasĂ©, but I have seen much better. Having visited Iceland and Japan, New Zealand is really not that impressive.  Also they try to profit from every little thing they can. It sucks the fun out of it.  I found this nice place where you could swim for free in the forest. That was cool, but not warm enough. haha

Here are some pictures of The city and the surroundings of Rotorua.

Hot Water Beach

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This is where you dig a hole in the ”very hot sand” and wait for the water to fill the hole.  A bit over rated, but still a lot of fun with a beautiful beach.

Thames to Hahei (cathedral cove)

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From Thames to Hahei was a nice drive.  Hahei is where you can see the Famous Cathedral Cove.  The New Zealand equivalent of the Québec Rocher Percé in Gaspé.