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So back in Montréal I took a bit of time to show my friend Asako around so we went to the biodome, old port, McGill and other nice places. Not much to say here so here are the pictures.

p1000930.jpg p1000941.jpg p1000945.jpg p1000974.jpg p1000978.jpg p1000983.jpg p1000985.jpg p1000989.jpg p1000991.jpg p1010001.jpg p1010009.jpg p1010012.jpg p1010013.jpg p1010020.jpg p1010025.jpg p1010043.jpg p1010056.jpg p1010061.jpg

Québec City And Area

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I started off my vacation slowly in Montréal, but Sunday came so I decided to give her a ride back home to Québec city and bring back Asako since she was traveling there. I spent half a day walking around and the next day we went to the Shrine of Saint Anne de Beaupré which is this huge church where miracle happens. After that, we went to the st-Anne’ canyon which is a sort of ‘’capilano bridge’’ for people from Vancouver. Just much cheaper and in the middle of the forest.

I had forgotten my camera so I will use Asako’s one. Enjoy

dsc05752.jpg dsc05956.jpg dsc05959.jpg dsc05962.jpg dsc05963.jpg dsc05965.jpg dsc05969.jpg dsc06006.jpg dsc06019.jpg