Okanagan Valley

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For the long canada day weekend Bernard, Eric, Young Mi and I decided to take a little 3 day road trip to Okanagan valley. Little did I know, Canada has a small desert. Well it’s not really a desert but it really looks like one. It was 40 degree Celsius the whole time with very little clouds. So anyways, we started our little trip in Osoyoos, a beautiful little city just at the border of Canada and USA. We decided to camp around there for the 2 nights in a little ranch in the mountains. As you can see in the pictures it was a beautiful setting.

-Saturday we left early in the morning and got stuck 3 hours in Vancouver because of a major accident on the highway. We finally got to Osoyoos around 5 o’clock. We found that ranch and set up our tents there.

-Sunday we drove around to visit the many wineries around the area because apparently it is the ”wine capital” of Canada. Even tho I don’t like wine, it was very interesting. We came back to osoyoos to walk around the beach, but it is quite an ugly beach to be honest. It reminded me of those cheap beach in New england on the American east-cost…. At night we went to the play land to have a little Go Kart race.

-Monday we drove all the way up to Kelowna stopping at various places and of course a BEAUTIFUL winery on top of a hill. We had pizza by the water and then had a little walk on the beach front of Kelowna(sorry I had forgotten my camera so no pictures there). After visiting Kelowna we headed back to Vancouver.

Enjoy the pictures.
PS happy Canada day everyone

Beautiful Sunset From The Beach

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So yesterday was one of those rare days where the weather was beautiful here in Vancouver so I went out on english bay to take a few pictures.


BBQ et Homards

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Premièrement vendredi moi et mes amis avons fait une petite soirée pour ma fête et pour la fête de Violaine. Et par ma grande surprise ils m’ont donné un super beau BBQ. MERCI TOUT LE MONDE… Depuis le temps que j’en veux un ils se sont décidé avant moi. Je voulais m’en acheter un avec l’argent que j’ai reçu pour ma fête, mais bon, ça fait plus d’argent pour d’autre bêtises.

Avec l’arrivée de Young Mi Samedi matin j’en ai profité pour aller chercher des Homards frais sur granville Island en après midi. Et oui, deux magnifiques Homards à Vancouver vous en coutera 105$ OUCH! Ok, j’ai pris les plus gros mais quand même je trouvais ça un peu chère. Bref, ils étaient TROP délicieux et c’était une bonne occasion pour célébrer le retour de Young Mi. Ça me faisait penser à Noël quand j’étais tout petit. 🙂


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Silvie, Sasha, Aveline and I went for a little road trip to Tofino this weekend. It is one of the most western city in Canada and as you can image it is a beautiful place and also very good for surfers. We saw bears, beautiful beaches, huge trees, ate smoked Salmon and even met a start called Barry Pepper. Ok I didn’t know who he was, but Sasha knew him and it totally made her weekend. haha

Ok… I will stop the chit chat and upload those pictures.

Enjoy 🙂

A day at the Zoo

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Me and Sasha went to the zoo Sunday, but like always it was raining. It wasn’t raining much, but just enough to get clouds all over.

Nevertheless, enjoy the pictures.

Granville Island

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A few pictures of my day out in granville island this weekend.

Marketbaguette et l\'échalote streetsstreet cornerFire Fire FireVancity... it\'s a bankCity ViewCity ViewCity Viewrandom reallyacross the street from my place


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Some random shots I want to share!

Vancouver ghetto skyline and the rockiesYoung MiXavier and TeniBurrard BridgeNight ShotStreets

My Place

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Here are some pictures of my place.

My RoomLe SalonLa vue de notre balcon

Testing out my new camera

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Just a few pictures from the Burrard bridge! 🙂

Trip to Whistler

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So saturday morning we rented a car and had a little road trip to Whistler. As you can see we had a lot of fun and also we could assist the little festival they had going on.

Hope you like the pictures 🙂

Lighthouse Park

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So last monday was off so i took the day to rent a car and go hang out at the Lighthouse park. For once it was a beautiful day, enjoy the pictures 🙂


Blog Back Online

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Sorry about this my dear Readers, but I lost my blog database, therefor I lost all my posts. I took the weekend to rebuild the essential and I will try to update it as much as possible from now on.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.


Bowen Island

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So.. it was a nice Saturday so me and my friend Sasha decided to go and have a little hike to Bowen Island. Nothing fancy, but it felt good to just go out there and have some fresh air.

Obviously it was a bit cold, but we had a lot of fun.

Enjoy the pictures.

n743960441_1793622_7684.jpg n743960441_1793624_8233.jpg n743960441_1793625_8525.jpg n743960441_1793627_9311.jpg n743960441_1793629_9924.jpg n743960441_1793632_931.jpg n743960441_1793634_2071.jpg n743960441_1793635_2653.jpg n743960441_1793788_8335.jpg

Sunset on a beautiful Saturday

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One of the most beautiful day of the year. Not too cold and not too hot. It was perfect so I went on English bay with my tri-pod and camera for a few pictures. Enjoy

p1010183.jpg p1010184.jpg p1010186.jpg p1010201.jpg p1010204.jpg p1010213.jpgp1010218.jpg p1010236.jpg

the Lake House

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Finally I got to spend a bit of time at the Lake house doing nothing at all. Marie, Asako, Xavier and Teni joined me. We had a lot of time to do absolutely nothing. It was great!

p1010075.jpg p1010077.jpg p1010084.jpg p1010100.jpg p1010112.jpg p1010113.jpg p1010115.jpg p1010124.jpg p1010127.jpg p1010134.jpg p1010140.jpg p1010141.jpg p1010152.jpg p1010163.jpg