Shanghai and Xitang

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First stop in China was shanghai. Didn’t stay very long but here are some of the pictures I took. It also includes a little traditional village known as Xitang.



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Another stop in this northern city called Harbin in China. I got to see the ice festival and the Siberian tigers.



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I made a stop in Xi’an, great city with lost of history. have a look



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So I am back from a little 3 week trip in china and i go tto see amazing things. Here are some pictures from beijing. I went to see the forbidden city, the 2008 Olympic installations and some other little hidden beauties.

here are some pictures.


Apple Picking

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What a superb autumn day with tons of sunshine with just a little fresh breeze in the air. We went apple picking in St-Bruno.

Here are the pictures.


Road Trip – Gaspésie

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Took just over a week for a road trip around Gaspésie.  There was some nice sunny days, but also some rainy days!


Enjoy the pictures.


Cuba Sí

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Great week in Cuba! Very relaxing and I even had time to read the Steve Jobs biography. Great book by the way!

Some pictures of Havana and a few from my hotel.


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Weekend at Bleu Lavande

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Nice day at the Bleu Lavande Farm. Tons of products made from Lavender and a very nice farm to visit during a sunny summer day!

here are some pictures


Some Montreal Night Shots

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It had been a while sine I took some photos so I thought I would have a little trip around Montreal with camera saturday night.  It wasn’t the best day to take some pictures, but I did manage to take a few good ones.  I played with lens blur in Photoshop quite a lot.

Hope you like the results


The Metropolitan Museum of Art (the MET)

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We spent the afternoon at the MET. A few interesting things, we were allowed to take some photos without flash so we had a little bit of fun.
Here is a tip if you are broke and want to visit the museum. The entrance fee is $25, but this price is a ‘recommended donation’ fee so you can basically give $1 if you want.


The Empire State Building at night

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Even without a tripod I managed to take a few pictures. Here is the result.

Brooklyn bridge and strawberry park

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So we started the day at battery park where we can see the statue of liberty. After, we walked over the Brooklyn bridge and ended up at the strawberry park where we can see a remembrance of John Lennon with the ‘imagine’ written on the floor.

MoMA and Central Park

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Lots of stuff to do in NYC, but MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) was a must. We also went to central park and took a few panoramic pictures. We also passed by the guggenheim museum, but didn’t have time to get it.

New-York High Line and Time Square

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So my New york trip started with a little walk on the beautiful highline. What is the highline? Well, basically it is an old suspended train track that has been converted to pedestrian path. What a beautiful idea 🙂 – For more information on the project i suggest you have a look at this website: The High Line
Walked around a bit more around time square, NYU and the flatiron building.

Mont St-Hilaire

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On this beautiful Saturday after noon, Flo, Simon and I went hiking on Mont St-Hilaire which is about 20 minutes away from Montreal. It’s a beautiful little mountain which is a MCgill research centre as well. For more information on the mountain click here

Of course I had my camera, so here are a few shots. I did a few Panoramic as well.