Huia’s Native Forest (Parua bay region)

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Sunday Clemens, Wenx, Liz and I went for a little hike in Huia. We were suppose to have a nice little 2 or 3 hour walk, but we ended up taking the wrong path so it turned out to be much longer walk.  By The way, always bring a map when you go hiking.  Obvious […]

Weekend Away in New Zealand

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Saturday was the big day. I had to go to my interview in Ohakune which is about a 5 hour drive south of Auckland. I was thinking about doing the round trip in a day with a rental car. Since it was a good opportunity to go and see the country side Clemens and Wenx, […]

Little News From Auckland

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So I finally found some time to walk around town and take some pictures. Nothing to report. I am just looking around and looking for a job at the same time. The city is just a little bit smaller than Vancouver and the people are very similar. Lots of immigrants in the downtown area. Here […]

Me On Japanese TV – TSB Nagano Station

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hey guys Here is a little surprise. The TSB Nagano Station was doing a show on foreigners in Nozawa. For some reason a lot of Foreigners come here. Since there is only 5 foreigners actually working here they have asked me to take part on this show. So why not eh? I was a sort […]

Some new pictures

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here are some new pictures from my day off and some from my work place….. 🙂

Nozawa Onsen Village and my work

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So I dragged around my camera today to show you guys my new home and my new job. (Sorry I know it’s way overdue.) Anyways in the pictures you can see the Nozawa Onsen Village and my work place, the HIKAGAE gondola. Also on the two last pictures you can see the staff house. That […]

Some pictures from Nozawa Onsen

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So like I promised here are some pictures from my new environment…. The holiday rush is finally over so I am starting to have some days off and enjoying my time here. Me and Fabian had the day off so we enjoyed every minute of it. As you can see the weather was just perfect. […]

Nozawa Onsen

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J’ai eu ma première journée et tout c’est bien passé. Pour vous donnez un petit aperçu de ma journée et de l’hiver qui m’attend je vais prendre quelques minutes pour vous écrire un petit quelques chose. Par où commencer? …. Avant-hier je suis allé à narita comme prévu pour la rencontre. J’étais le seul mais […]

Colourful Tokyo

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Just a day out in Tokyo taking pictures. It is fall so the leaves are all nice and yellow. I feel the winter knocking at the door.

Hakone onsen

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For those who doesn’t know Hakone, it’s a little city just outside of tokyo known for its beautiful onsen and its nice view over Fuji san. I paid a little visit and after visiting the area I ended up in a beaitiful spot as you can see in the pictures. The following day was actually […]

Mount Takao (san)

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Sorry I haven’t been updating my blog in a while, but it didn’t mean I didn’t take pictures. I just didn’t have time to post them. Today I am taking care of business. haha The weather was horrible, but I did manage to take some pictures. Not the best series, but give you an idea […]

Sunday at Yoyogi Park

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Souk was in Tokyo so we met up in Shibuya for a quick coffee at the famous Startbucks. We then walked to Harajuku to do a little bit of window shopping, after that we met up with Maya to hang out in Yoyogi park. Like every Sundays the ”freaks” were out, the Elevis guys were […]

Kanagawa and Enoshima

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Hello people. This week my pictures have a little ”retro” look to it. I hope it works out. The pictures were taken south of Tokyo in Kanagawa and Enoshima Island. cheers Enjoy

Festival in Kawagoe

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Nice day today so me and Maya took a quick ride to Kawagoe to enjoy some Japanese culture and eat some yummy Okonomiyaki 🙂