Aquarium Take Two

Posted by on Mar 16, 2008 in Vancouver - west | No Comments

This weekend was a long one so I had planed to go to Seattle for the 3 days, but at the last minutes we decided not to go… I had to plan something else. My friend Sasha came over from Nanaimo to look for apartments. I took Saturday afternoon with her to walk around the west end to see if we could find a place. She got lucky and she found something pretty fast.

Sunday morning I went for crêpes and right after, me and Xavier went to the aquarium since we had never been there yet. It was a bit small and obviously over priced, but it was very nice and interesting. The pictures speak for themselves.

After the aquarium we went to Canada place to check out the fireworks for Canada day. Nothing extravaganza, but it was a nice evening out.

Happy Canada Day everyone

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