Me On Japanese TV – TSB Nagano Station

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hey guys

Here is a little surprise. The TSB Nagano Station was doing a show on foreigners in Nozawa. For some reason a lot of Foreigners come here. Since there is only 5 foreigners actually working here they have asked me to take part on this show. So why not eh? I was a sort of ”guide” for the reporter even though everything was staged. Anyways the idea was having me walk around town showing him my favourite spots. First we went to the restaurant and after that we went to the onsen.(I know in the video it’s the opposite.)

So I uploaded the video on youtube in 3 parts since youtube only allows 10 minute videos. I am mostly on the second part, but if you want to see around Nozawa or if you are just curious to see how bad Japanese tv is, i uploaded 30 minutes of it.

Oh and yes this made me a little star in the village…. All day today I had people telling me they saw me on TV. HAHA