Some new pictures

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here are some new pictures from my day off and some from my work place….. 🙂


Nozawa Onsen Village and my work

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So I dragged around my camera today to show you guys my new home and my new job. (Sorry I know it’s way overdue.) Anyways in the pictures you can see the Nozawa Onsen Village and my work place, the HIKAGAE gondola. Also on the two last pictures you can see the staff house. That is where I live, it’s not that bad, I just hope the food would be a bit better.


Some pictures from Nozawa Onsen

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So like I promised here are some pictures from my new environment…. The holiday rush is finally over so I am starting to have some days off and enjoying my time here. Me and Fabian had the day off so we enjoyed every minute of it. As you can see the weather was just perfect. I didn’t have my camera so I am using Fabian’s Pictures. Thanks