Sunday at Yoyogi Park

Posted by on Nov 16, 2009 in Japan | No Comments

Souk was in Tokyo so we met up in Shibuya for a quick coffee at the famous Startbucks. We then walked to Harajuku to do a little bit of window shopping, after that we met up with Maya to hang out in Yoyogi park. Like every Sundays the ”freaks” were out, the Elevis guys were out and it turned out that the 60’s chicks were out also. After a nice walk we found this little festival with some cool house music. After that awesome day we ended this with some good Japanese food in Shinjuku.
Have a safe trip back home Souk…

PS: Et oui sur la dernière photo il y a bien deux drapeaux du Québec, le Cirque du Soleil est super populaire ici. 🙂