Björk & Louis-José Houde

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I have been quite lazy on the updates lately, but nothing really happened in the past few weeks. However, this week has been full of stuff and activities. First the weekend had an extra day because of Victoria Day. (Thanks Vic). One of the best Stand-Up Comic from Québec was In Vancouver for a show. Louis-José Houde has been one of my favorite French Comedian since I first saw him hosting Doloraclip on Musiqueplus. Oh My God I miss that show! Anyways, for the first time he came to Vancouver for a show and only he can bring so many frenchies together. I had a lot of fun hearing everyone speak French around me. It was like a cheap trip back home. Not to say he was hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday Bjork, the Icelandic Queen, was in town. Since I was totally obsessed with her music a while back I just couldn’t pass the opportunity so I got a ticket. The show was very very short, but very good. It was about 90 minutes. I wanted much more. Oh well…..

So that’s about it for this week. Enjoy the pictures.

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Calgary, Banff et Lac Louise

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Another awesome weekend, but this time I crossed over to Alberta. Everyone in Vancouver<or even back home in Montreal like to talk about Calgary like it’s a boring city. I didn’t really listen to them and I went to see it for myself. As you can see in the pictures it’s beautiful and it’s not boring at all. Actually, I liked Calgaryand I would strongly recommend to the people who are thinking about going. My weekend started when I landed at YYC where my friends Debb and Izzy where waiting for me. We went directly to this party where an old friend of mine from panama had invited me. It was great to see him again so we had a few martinis while exchanging stories and memories. After the party we went to eat to this restaurant where the food was good, but for some reason they liked to display pigs’ statue. Maybe locals like to feel they are not to far from the farm. Who knows why???

Saturday, Debbie and I went downtown to explore the little, but very interesting art scene Calgary has to offer. First, we went to the Art Gallery of Calgary: It was small, but cheap to get in. Nothing to blow your mind away in that museum, but it was worth the stop. After, Debbie brought me to another interesting art spot. Basically it’s little building where artist can come and display there art to make a little bit of money and you can even visit their studio where they work. That was free and much more interesting in my opinion. After all this artsy-fartsy stuff we went to this very good restaurant where I had real Albrta Steak, YUMMY!

Sunday morning we all woke up early to have brunch in Banff at the beautiful Fairmount hotel. It was delicious by the way. After our bellies were satisfied we drove up to Lake Louise to walk around and take more pictures. As you can see the lake was frozen so I couldn’t capture the beautiful bleu colour the lake normally has to offer. I had been there before so it wasn’t a big deal. Besides, I can now say that I have seen the lake both, in winter and summer.

After this quick weekend it was already time to come back toVancouver. Back to Raincouver!

Enjoy the pictures

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