Lighthouse Park

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So last monday was off so i took the day to rent a car and go hang out at the Lighthouse park. For once it was a beautiful day, enjoy the pictures 🙂


Blog Back Online

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Sorry about this my dear Readers, but I lost my blog database, therefor I lost all my posts. I took the weekend to rebuild the essential and I will try to update it as much as possible from now on.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.


Bowen Island

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So.. it was a nice Saturday so me and my friend Sasha decided to go and have a little hike to Bowen Island. Nothing fancy, but it felt good to just go out there and have some fresh air.

Obviously it was a bit cold, but we had a lot of fun.

Enjoy the pictures.

n743960441_1793622_7684.jpg n743960441_1793624_8233.jpg n743960441_1793625_8525.jpg n743960441_1793627_9311.jpg n743960441_1793629_9924.jpg n743960441_1793632_931.jpg n743960441_1793634_2071.jpg n743960441_1793635_2653.jpg n743960441_1793788_8335.jpg

Sunset on a beautiful Saturday

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One of the most beautiful day of the year. Not too cold and not too hot. It was perfect so I went on English bay with my tri-pod and camera for a few pictures. Enjoy

p1010183.jpg p1010184.jpg p1010186.jpg p1010201.jpg p1010204.jpg p1010213.jpgp1010218.jpg p1010236.jpg

the Lake House

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Finally I got to spend a bit of time at the Lake house doing nothing at all. Marie, Asako, Xavier and Teni joined me. We had a lot of time to do absolutely nothing. It was great!

p1010075.jpg p1010077.jpg p1010084.jpg p1010100.jpg p1010112.jpg p1010113.jpg p1010115.jpg p1010124.jpg p1010127.jpg p1010134.jpg p1010140.jpg p1010141.jpg p1010152.jpg p1010163.jpg


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So back in Montréal I took a bit of time to show my friend Asako around so we went to the biodome, old port, McGill and other nice places. Not much to say here so here are the pictures.

p1000930.jpg p1000941.jpg p1000945.jpg p1000974.jpg p1000978.jpg p1000983.jpg p1000985.jpg p1000989.jpg p1000991.jpg p1010001.jpg p1010009.jpg p1010012.jpg p1010013.jpg p1010020.jpg p1010025.jpg p1010043.jpg p1010056.jpg p1010061.jpg

Québec City And Area

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I started off my vacation slowly in Montréal, but Sunday came so I decided to give her a ride back home to Québec city and bring back Asako since she was traveling there. I spent half a day walking around and the next day we went to the Shrine of Saint Anne de Beaupré which is this huge church where miracle happens. After that, we went to the st-Anne’ canyon which is a sort of ‘’capilano bridge’’ for people from Vancouver. Just much cheaper and in the middle of the forest.

I had forgotten my camera so I will use Asako’s one. Enjoy

dsc05752.jpg dsc05956.jpg dsc05959.jpg dsc05962.jpg dsc05963.jpg dsc05965.jpg dsc05969.jpg dsc06006.jpg dsc06019.jpg

Weekly Update

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This week was another random week that consisted of Brunch with Igor and a Bootle of Champagne, Asako Making sushi and a walk down English bay (again) with Sasha.

Enjoy the pictures

p1000883.jpg p1000886.jpg p1000901.jpg p1000911.jpg

Lazy Day At The Beach

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Monday was BC day so everyone was off. No work woohoo! I just spent a lazy day at the beach and eating breakfast with Igor, Xavier and Asako. Of course it was awesome with the sunshine.

More pictures

p1000861.jpg p1000862.jpg p1000867.jpg p1000870.jpg p1000874.jpg p10008771.jpg

Pride Parade

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Sunday was the Gay Pride weekend so there was a lot of activities going on in the city. During the afternoon me and a few friends went to sit and watch the parade around English bay.

After the parade we had a little BBQ at my place. It was one of those perfect days with a lot of sunshine! I LOVE VANCOUVER!

Here are a few pictures.

p1000803.jpg p1000810.jpg p1000813.jpg p1000817.jpg p1000819.jpg p1000822.jpg p1000829.jpg p1000833.jpg p1000836.jpg p1000844.jpg p1000847.jpg p1000857.jpg p1000859.jpg

The Beach

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Here are some pictures from our little day at the beach. Thank you Teni for the wonderful pictures.

n513634594_123063_4824.jpg note_redirect-1.jpg

Aquarium Take Two

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This weekend was a long one so I had planed to go to Seattle for the 3 days, but at the last minutes we decided not to go… I had to plan something else. My friend Sasha came over from Nanaimo to look for apartments. I took Saturday afternoon with her to walk around the west end to see if we could find a place. She got lucky and she found something pretty fast.

Sunday morning I went for crêpes and right after, me and Xavier went to the aquarium since we had never been there yet. It was a bit small and obviously over priced, but it was very nice and interesting. The pictures speak for themselves.

After the aquarium we went to Canada place to check out the fireworks for Canada day. Nothing extravaganza, but it was a nice evening out.

Happy Canada Day everyone

p1000573.jpg p1000575.jpg p1000581.jpg p1000588.jpg p1000594.jpg p1000598.jpg p1000621.jpg p1000637.jpg p1000638.jpg p1000652.jpg p1000657.jpg p1000658.jpg p1000674.jpg p1000679.jpg p1000703.jpg p1000728.jpg

Katsuhiro Yamazaki

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So today Silvia invited me to join her on a very interesting lecture at the University of British-Colombia (UBC). It was a Japanese Architect that studied at McGill and now runs a little architect firm in Montréal with his wife.  Since he won a bunch of prices I guess he was Invited by UBC to lecture of his projects and his very interesting career path.  His Atelier, TAG, won the Châteauguay Municipal Library competition which is a few km from where I grew up.

If you want to check out the library I invite you to Visit this page

Good night everyone


Capilano Bridge

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Today was another beautiful day so me, Xavier and Silvia took the opportunity to take a little trip to the Capilano suspended bridge. It’s basically a little tourist trap, but if you’re thinking about going there be prepared because this wobbly bridge will give you a ride of a life time. Well ok some people are not really scared, but I was hella scared and I really felt unsafe. I took my courage in hands and eventually crossed. Ok no body got hurt in the process, but I still had a hard time.

Now that this is out of the way, I had a great time and they even added some more bridges ‘‘à la Robinson Crusoé’’ from trees to trees which is much more fun in my opinion. You feel like you are flying from a tree to another. And, most importantly, I you fell safe the whole time.

After all this walking we took an hour to walk around the North Vancouver harbor. There’s an amazing view of Vancouver as you can see in the pictures. It’s a bit windy and cold unfortunately. I guess I’ll have to go back in the summer.

Back in Vancouver, we went at Tiina’s place for sauerkraut and sausages. It was yummy by the way.

Tomorrow: Dim Sum in China town

p1000194.jpg p1000198.jpg p1000202.jpg p1000203.jpg p1000206.jpg p1000209.jpgp1000212.jpg p1000215.jpg p1000217.jpg p1000240.jpg p1000243.jpg p1000254.jpg

Victoria & Nanaimo

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Having a long Easter weekend I just had to plan a little something. I knew the border on the way to seattle would have been packed so I decided to go on the Vancouver island instead and keep the seattle trip for another time. Again, Silvia, was up for the trip so as soon as Friday morning we took the ferry to arrive in Victoria around noon. The day was beautiful so we took the afternoon to walk around the town to just relax and enjoy the city.

Saturday we woke up and went to the bug zoo which wasn’t that nice in my opinion. It was more for kids I believe. After that, we walked all the way to the Art Gallery and that was obviously much more interesting. They had a little expo on Rodin and some painting from local artists including Emily Carr. Even thought I had already seen his museum in Paris I really liked the little exhibition they had there. Also a very interesting video on how he would built his sculptures.

Around 16:30 we went to this nice little Irish pub where we watched the last game of the season for the Montréal Canadiens. All the locals were cheering for my habs, but unfortunately they lost vs Toronto. What a shame! To make it even worst, Friday at work, I have to wear a Toronto Jersey. HEY I LOST A BET!

Ok, so Sunday we took the bus from Victoria to Nanaimo. Sasha, my ex flatmate in Panama now works in Nanaimo so we spent the day and night at her place. We took the day to walk around the very small Nanaimo harbor. The rain kind of killed the mood so we just went and rented a movie. The next day we drove all the way to a lovely little market in the middle of no where. They had pretty much everything and it was all so cheap for some reason. Well… cheaper than <st1:city w:st=”on”><st1:place w:st=”on”>Vancouver anyways. Monday afternoon was time to get back in the city so we took the ferry back to Vancouveraround 15:00.

It was a very nice trip and I loved every minute of it. I hope you will enjoy the pictures.


p1000370.jpg p1000357.jpg p1000345.jpg p1000341.jpg p1000338.jpg p1000335.jpg p1000332.jpg p1000330.jpg p1000317.jpg p1000316.jpg p1000315.jpg p1000314.jpg p1000302.jpg p1000290.jpg p1000288.jpg p1000287.jpg p1000284.jpg p1000283.jpg p1000281.jpg p1000278.jpg p1000272.jpg p1000269.jpg