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Week 4

Day 22 : From Akureyri back to Reykjavik

I took a long – very long – bus ride back to Reykjavik. I don't have too much time left and there are still a few things I want to see near Reykjavik, so I skipped the interior by taking the bus.

I took the longer route because it stops at some very interesting spots. The interior is basically nothing but a road going through the country between two glaciers. It's a very strange place, without a soul around. There are no plants and no life whatsoever – the only thing I could find there were rocks and it really seemed like the surface of the Moon. The first stop was in Hveravellir, another volcanic area with a hot spring. We continued on our way to Gullfoss, which is supposed to be the biggest waterfall in Europe – but seriously, if you have seen Niagara Falls, it's really not that impressive. After Gullfoss, we stopped at the world-famous Geysir. It was full of tourists and a bit overrated, but it was still interesting.

After the tourist stuff, I arrived in Reykjavik where I spoiled myself with a juicy Big Mac. It's getting late so I am going to sleep.



Day 23 : Another day In Reykjavik

I took the day to visit Reykjavik a little more. I woke up to rain, but it wasn't very cold – just a bit annoying! I had some tea and went into the city. I went back to City Hall to look at a photo exhibit I hadn't seen the first time, then moved on to a small, but beautiful, photography museum, which had a lot of interesting black-and-white Icelandic pictures and also another small exhibit in colour. After a little bit of food shopping, I got back to the campsite where I went to sleep early.

Day 24 : On my way to Heimaey (puffin island)

I took the ferry this morning to the beautiful Vestmannaeyjar (Westman Islands, which includes the city of Heimaey) – a three-hour ride that almost made me puke. I'm normally not seasick, but today was horrible so I just sat in the TV room to try to forget about everything. I arrived at the campsite around suppertime and cooked myself some pasta. I haven’t gone around the island yet because I just felt like to showering and relaxing with a book.

I think those intense three weeks are getting the best of me. I feel a bit tired and I kind of missed my warm bed for the first time today. I still have a few more days in Iceland so I will make the most of them. Sorry – another day without pictures.

Day 25 : Heimaey and the puffins

Today I woke up a bit late but in a very good mood. The locals told me that the puffin season is almost over so there are not many left. There still are, however, a few spots where you can see them. I rode my bike to the end of the island where the puffins were. The little birds were there waiting for me – hundreds of them. They would fly off the cliff and dive into the water to catch fish to feed their little ones in their nest. I sat there for about an hour observing them. They were so cute that I just had to take a few pictures.

I then returned to the campsite where I had something to eat. After lunch, I went to another volcano (I'm really starting to get used to them by now). It was particularly interesting since it is the youngest one in Iceland. After walking around a little bit I went to one of the only restaurants open in the city…where I order – yes, yes – puffin. It came in a delicious berry sauce. It was the best meal I’ve had in Iceland so far. I felt a bit guilty after eating, but it's a common dish here. It tastes kind of like rabbit or duck – very good!

At night, I had wanted to participate in the “puffin saving patrol”, which saves baby puffins (read more here), but I couldn’t because I was told that the babies didn’t come this year. The locals didn’t really know why. Nevertheless, I loved this island and there are practically no tourists here, which makes it even better.

Day 26 : Back to Reykjavik

I took the ferry back to Reykjavik this morning and the weather wasn't so nice. Back at the Reykjavik campsite, I ran into these French guys that I had met in Heimaey. They were going to a women's soccer game so I joined them: Sweden vs. Iceland. I don’t remember the score and even though I don't really like soccer I did enjoy it a lot! :-)

It was raining a little bit and I was feeling tired, so I took a nap. A bit later on the evening, the French guys woke me up to go downtown and see what the bars had to offer. I washed up and got ready; as we were leaving, I saw my German friend who I had met in Fáskrúðsfjörður, so I asked him if he wanted to join us. Of course he wanted to, so we all went to a bar called Vegamot. It was a very nice place, but it is now 6:00 in the morning so I will go to bed.

Day 27 : Preparing my departure

Even though there are still two days before I leave, I wanted to prepare my things and find a box for my bicycle. I went to where there are a lot of stores, but everything is closed today because it’s Sunday. I walked around and I saw these guys unloading a truck and throwing out some boxes, so I picked up a few.

After wrapping up my bike, I joined my new friends at the largest swimming pool in the city, which is right next to the campsite. Icelanders are crazy about their swimming pools and this one has it all: an interior pool, Jacuzzis – you name it. After a few hours of swimming and bathing, we went back to the campsite where we called it a day.

Day 28 : Another day in reykjavik

Basically I took the day to do everything I wanted to do before leaving. I walked around town for the last time and went to the habor. After a little bit of walking around, the French guy, Cédric, and I went to eat whale at the sushi shop. It was a girl at the bar that had told us to go there and try the whale. She was right, it was delicious. I then did a little bit of souvenir shopping and went back to the campsite to eat and spend my last night in Iceland.

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