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Week 1

Day 1: On My Way to Reykjavik (Waiting at JFK airport)

So this is where it all begins. After a long car ride from Montréal to New York City, I finally got to JFK a little bit early. I'd rather be here early anyway. As always, my parents were so stressed out that they started to stress me out as well. I passed through security and now they are long gone. I am just waiting to board…I’m starting to hear some Icelandic, which means I'm in the right place.

I just hope all my things get to Reykjavik ''ok''. I'll need everything to rebuild my bike.

Day 2 : Reykjavik

“The nicest day of the summer this year” – those were the words of the bus driver. I had heard that Icelandic people like to talk about the weather and here’s the proof. The day is beautiful indeed: just a cool breeze with the Sun in a blue sky!!! What more can I ask for?

I rode my bicycle around the city and it is extremely beautiful. Things are a bit expensive though. I took a few pictures of the “famous” church and some other landmarks. I will now take a nap and have supper a bit later on.

Day 3 : Another day in Reykjavik

Today was rainy and windy. It wasn't great for walking around, but I did manage to go to City Hall and the beautiful National Art Gallery. On my way back, I stopped for two hot dogs and a Coke. Price: $8 CDN…that is how expensive things are around here. It's better to buy food at the grocery store.

Here at the campsite, there are so many French tourists that I literally feel like I’m in France. I was told that the French visit Iceland the most – now I have no doubt.

Day 4 : Third day in Reykjavik

I biked around the city one more time and started to plan for my departure. I got some extra food and chocolate for energy. The weather is better today; hopefully it will stay this way. I'm about to write some postcards to send to friends and family.

Day 5 : On my way to Hveragerđi map here

My original plan had been to go to Hella or Selfoss, but the horrible conditions made me stop a few kilometres before that. For 35 km, I had wind in my face, plus rain (a lot), cold weather and – as if that wasn’t enough – I was going uphill the whole day. I was so exhausted when I got to the campground that I just sat down with a few people to eat supper and then went to bed.

Day 6 : from Hveragerði to Hella map here

Today’s 55 km ride was much better than yesterday. It wasn't raining at all and I even had a little bit of sun. The best part was that I had the wind at my back pretty much the whole time. From Hveragerđi, I cycled about 12 km to Selfoss map here. Not much to see there, so I just made a quick stop and continued on to Hella. The traffic was quite heavy, but it was okay.

I saw a lot of Icelandic horses along the way, which made me really happy. It's weird how they look at you: as soon as I passed them they all looked at me like was an alien. Some even ran beside me for a few metres.

I'm spending the night at the very well-equipped campsite in Hella.

Day 7 : Landmannalaugar (volcanic reserve)

Last night I met this guy from Spain who didn't speak French or English so I used my rusty Spanish, which worked very well. After talking for a while I found out that he is travelling with his bicycle as well. I told him about Landmannalaugar and he said that he wanted to go, so we took the bus together this morning and arrived in Landmannalaugar around 12:30. The sun was just perfect and we still had a lot of time to go hiking and take some pictures.

After a few hours of walking around the volcano, we went for a bath in the natural geothermal hot spring. WOW! The water was so warm and comfortable. As you can see in the pictures, we also had a few sheep to keep us company.

On my way to Landmannalaugar

In Landmannalaugar

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